Beth Partridge is an artist whose expansive landscapes and cellular worlds are created in vibrant pools of colour mixed with echoes of structural, archetypal forms. Micro worlds within worlds of upside-down houses and tiny trees are a reoccurring theme.

Working mainly in inks, with hints of acrylic and glaze mediums, spontaneity and presence are deeply integral to her creative process.

As a classically trained dancer, Beth has performed and taught, as well as training under Masaki Iwana in the Japanese art of Butoh.

Both this past as a dancer, and her present life in the heart of West Sussex, UK, where she is “eternally bathed in green iridescent tonal landscapes,” are the biggest influences on her work.

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The crisp smooth paper is for me a stillness bathed in white – a silent pause, like that between inhalation and exhalation. Then I pour the water and the dance begins. Inks merge. I gently nudge and persuade. I can never say what will appear
— Beth Partridge