The lyrical landscapes Beth Partridge creates in collaboration with Ralph Levy at The Handmade House in Ditchling, Sussex, take the viewer to a magical reality.

The landscapes appear on a clean, snow-white background, upside-down houses and miniature pine forests emerging along marks no brush could create. Each vessel portrays a journey both to far off oriental lands, and to otherworldly places.

In her two-dimensional work, Beth’s elegance and economy of space clearly draw on her years as a dancer. Each piece speaks of an understanding of filling a stage and of gliding effortlessly across it.

Beth's use of colour is from another spectrum; her inks mix with washes of vibrancy. On ceramics, she uses glazes that traditionally wouldn’t be used, and techniques old craftsmen would have shunned.

It's because of her true spontaneity that the result is utterly unique.



Beth Partridge is a master mark maker – someone who takes you to another word, one filled with rich colours that offers a glimpse of somewhere you can only dream of going
— Ralph Levy, The Handmade House